You SHIP the goods, we SNAP the goods, we EDIT the goods, we RETURN the goods.

let's get rad.

A studio located on Vancouver Island where we take poppin’ product photography to elevate your business to the next level.


Close ups

Let's capture the texture and quality of your products and show the buyer first hand what they'll experience when using your products


Pops of colour

With over 50 colourful backdrops and props to choose from, there is one thing I know for sure, your products will be bright and making a bold statement.



Those crispy clean white shots are the perfect way to display your products online when they click, add to cart.



People form a first impression in seconds, your product or brand should be captured in a professional matter. Good quality, consistent, professional brand photography is going to help capture potential clients or sales as they’ll see that you appreciate attention to detail, high quality content, consistency and great aesthetics.

Why hire a product photographer?

An important investment to make..

Online, there is no way to touch the product or to feel the material, texture or weight. Without being able to smell, or taste the product, how does one decide on purchasing. Making sure your products value is represented through an image is an important investment to make.

let's do it.